About Us

Losing a loved one and wishing there was more you could do is a feeling most can relate to. Shortly after getting his start in the music industry, Ezra Holbrook lost his father to diabetes. He desperately wanted to help raise money to find a cure for the disease that took his father, but didn’t feel he had an avenue to help in the way he wanted.

After nearly 20 years of writing, performing and producing music, the feeling stuck with him. Having organized countless benefit shows supporting everything from school art programs to emergency medical expenses, he knew there had to be a way to use music to raise funds more efficiently. A way to alleviate some of the hard work and stress that comes with planning a charitable event, especially after seeing the popularity and effectiveness of crowd-sourcing websites.

An idea in hand, Ezra enlisted the help of a few philanthropic friends and got the project started:

Drew Dunn
Drew loves being part of something that marries two life-long passions, music and helping change the world into a better place. Drew enjoys both playing and listening to music but is also a design fanatic who loves helping brands and products fulfill their brand promise through experience and aesthetic design. Also a partner at Bunker, Drew has helped to shape the UseMusic brand and visual aesthetics here.
Matt Garboden
A long-time music enthusiast, Matt happily wears many hats at UseMusic, helping out with everything from development to finance. When he’s not working with UseMusic he plays the role of CPA at a small, local accounting firm, assisting both businesses and individuals with tax and accounting needs.
Ezra Holbrook
Ezra Holbrook is a Portland Oregon songwriter/musician and record producer. He has played or collaborated with many of the Northwest's finest including The Minus 5, The Decemberists, Jeremy Wilson, Redray Frazier, Pete Krebs, Casey Neill, Dr Theopolis and many more. After 39 years of completely self-absorbed leather-pant/open blouse wearing rock star behavior he decided it was time to think about someone else for a change and here we are!
Nathanael Merrill
Nathanael is a true believer in the power of music. Having played in bands since high school as well as helping create a yearly fundraising concert for Ethos music in Portland, he has seen what music can do. He is the primary developer for UseMusic and does the same thing in his day job for Bunker. When he is not working, he plays soccer, surfs, and of course creates music.